Professor Paul Krugman on Bernie Sanders

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April 6, 2016
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April 10, 2016

Professor Paul Krugman on Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
Here is a link to Paul Krugman’s excellent Opinion piece and my comment submitted to the NYT.

Joel Levinson

Philadelphia Pending Approval

Applause for Krugman’s position from this reader. I have long felt that Bernie is long on slogans that are rich in much-needed idealism but short on the specific policy proposals needed to achieve them. Politics, as Kennedy said, is the art of the possible. Change requires support and change requires just as much people-sense as it does passion and vision. I have long felt that Bernie is weak in the people-sense area of national politics. He seems to be something of a loner and a touch self-righteous. That doesn’t garner the support needed to achieve real and important change in a culture dominated by the buck.

However, I have to say I am pleased that a Jew and a Socialist would be as appealing to as many everyday Americans as seems evidenced by Bernie’s popularity. On the other hand, the fact that The Donald, a disgrace in the face of American ideals, would also attract the numbers he has is a deep and troubling development. America never fails to surprise.

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