REALITY is/are?

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August 14, 2016
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October 16, 2016

REALITY is/are?


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Reality should be redefined in dictionaries as a plural noun representing an infinite variety of hierarchically-layered conditions.

First, there is that ultimately illusive reality that physicists speak of, measure,  investigate and imagine.  It consist mostly of empty space even though empty space is filled with fields of all sorts such as the gravitational field and the Higgs field.

What is not empty gives the illusion of something solid as a result of the motions of particles (electrons, etc.) Even those particles are expressions of fields rather than concrete forms.

Now we shift to the human condition and the world of organism.  Reflected off this invisible (to humans) substratum are photons (yet another expression of energy) that enter our eyes and are converted to sense impressions by the complex, image-shaping factory we call our brain.    There are different realities created by all the different species on earth and probably other organisms elsewhere in the universe.  And within each species there are yet other  countless realities created by the individual members of that species.  Though those realities may have common qualities, they are – each and every one – uniquely different.  The fact that the sense impressions conform to the lower substratum of reality does not confirm a one-to-one relationship of the sense impression to the underlying conditions that caused the impression.

Then there are the realities created by those creatures that can communicate their individual realities to other organisms and these in turn are perceived differently by each recipient of that specific communicated reality.  An example is in order: an author will perceive his or her own individualized sense of reality and will then present it to an audience . . . but each reader in that broad audience will read the work differently and thus a new imagined reality is created for that reader.

Therefore, is it not reasonable to say we must acknowledge a hierarchically-layered plural set of realities of infinite variety?  And so when we say: “That’s not real or that doesn’t comport with reality,” we should pause and think twice.

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