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December 16, 2018
DSC 0470 Version 2
DSC 0470 Version 2
December 21, 2018


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Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen - Daniel Libeskind, Architect


Let down your hair and don’t be so square —

more than one perspective has always been fair.

I say look obliquelyand see things more Greekly,

so let your eyes wander and don’t think so meekly.

The Greeks — they angled their approach,

created some icons and felt no reproach —

so see things more Greekly…and let randomness encroach.


In Egypt, they say, it was strictly straight on,

they followed that rule and nothing went wrong.

Their axes staid straight — all else did they hate—

square corners only, said the Pharaoh, nothing else should belong.

Yes — square corners through history were revered and deployed,

that which rebelled was often destroyed.

Gravity and church kept believers in line

but those who saw otherwise whispered, angles are fine.

Do not swerve was a dictum that with force was proclaimed,

if not — then sooner or later you’ll end up defamed.

Look ‘round you today and hear what I say:

Square corners are out — it’s all disarray.

Diagonals are in and pushing things around,

Center halls are passé and symmetry’s frowned.

Not true, you refute;

But what of those angles both splayed and acute?

But again you repeat that nothing has changed.

Are you blind, I must ask, and maybe deranged?

Look here and look there and

you’ll see towers lean —

there is no one axis, understand what I mean?

Look at odd buildings and don’t be so square —

more than one view is a view we should share.

No time for one axis.  No time for one view.

No time to be captious.  All things are askew.

© Joel Levinson 2018

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