March 10, 2020
DSC 0993 Version 2
DSC 0993
March 22, 2020


DSC 0006 Version 5

I invented a way to keep peppers TURGID in your refrigerator for a very long time.

At the bottom of your pepper, cut the end off one of the lobes to create an aperture that will open into the void inside the pepper. Pour water (filtered water preferred) into the void through the aperture and place the pepper in the refrigerator. If necessary to stabilize it, set the pepper upside down (aperture facing up) in a glass, . The flesh will soon be more turgid than when you bought it and will remain so for a surprisingly long time.

I’m calling this the Joellodio cut :–))) BTW, I learned today that four lobes indicate it’s a female pepper and three lobes indicate the male version. The males are better to cook with and the females are sweeter and better for eating raw.

Probably wise to change the water every couple of days and not do this in a grungy refrigerator unless you wrap the pepper in plastic wrap. I assume the health risks are no greater than sticking asparagus, feet down, in a glass of water to preserve freshness.

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